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Low carb better than low fat to prevent cardiac disease Assignment

Low carb better than low fat to prevent cardiac disease - Assignment Example ed, parallel-group trial with the aim of examining the effects of low-carbohydrate in comparison to the effects of a low-fat diet on body weight and CVD" (Bazzano et al., 2014, p. 308). The participants included representatives of all populations and observation were made for a period of twelve months. In the previous studies either the participants failed to complete the study, had low participation, involved small size, failed to examine the effect of low-carbohydrate on weight reduction or did not take into consideration the population diversity. However, the present clinical trial involved examination of the effect of low-carbohydrate diets on weight loss, included black members that were previously ignored and had high completion rate of eighty percent and the sample size relatively bigger (Bazzano et al., 2014). Therefore, the outcome of the investigation was more accurate and convincing. Consumption of diet with low-carbohydrate results to a reduction of weight and CVD risk factors compared to low-fat diets. The low-carbon and low-fat diets use contribute to decline of plasma glucose, blood sugar, creatinine and serum insulin levels in an uniform fashion among the diverse population of the participants (Bazzano et al., 2014). Therefore, persons intending to lose weight or reduce CVD risk factors can decide to consume a diet with low-carbohydrate as opposed to low-fat diets. Furthermore, the policy makers can plan on policy intervention applicable to diverse groups in the United States as opposed to using of different policies for various groups since similar foods have same effects on diverse populations. The study is of significance to the research centers because it has increased knowledge about effects of low-carbohydrate and low-fat diets on reduction of weight and CVD risk factors. The health caregivers can comfortably recommend the use of low-carbohydrate diet s to people with obesity for reducing weight and CVD risk factors There has been a major

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Legalize it or not Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Legalize it or not - Essay Example This is because the illegal marijuana industry is very lucrative. It estimated that the marijuana illegal income in the United States of America is valued at between 20 billion dollars and 40 billion dollars (Abadinsky 75). This is a lot of money, but since using and selling of marijuana in the state is illegal, the drug dealers fail to disclose their income thus they do not file tax returns due to fear of being arrested. If the state would legalize marijuana, then it would be able to collect revenue from drug dealers hence improving the economy of the state. The war on drugs is very expensive. For example, it is estimated the over the years the war on drugs has cost both federal and state governments close to one trillion dollars, (Benavie, 54). That is close to twenty billion per state. This is a lot of money which can be used for other things such as investing in infrastructure. If the state of Arizona government would legalize marijuana then it would save a significant amount of the taxpayer’s money putting it into other uses such development of the state. A lot of people end up in jail as a result of using, selling or being in possession of marijuana. Most of these people are typically below the age of 40 years (Benavie 39). When in jail, these people are economically useless to the state and their society. If the drug would be legalizes in the state, these people who get arrested and jailed for either using or distributing would free thus providing a good work force to the state since they are young and energetic people. This will improve the infrastructure of the state as the young men will be employed by the state and development companies. Legalizing marijuana will also increase the states revenue since the government will tax the income of these people. Legalizing marijuana will turn its market into a perfect competition market, where there will be no barriers to enter or leave the market. This will replace the monopolies set

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Healthcare management capstone by nikita brown Essay Example for Free

Healthcare management capstone by nikita brown Essay Weekly tasks or assignments (Individual or Group Projects) will be due by Monday, and late submissions will be assigned a late penalty in accordance with the late penalty policy found in the syllabus. NOTE: All submission posting times are based on midnight Central Time. Administrators must continuously seek opportunities to increase the profitability of their practice or facility. Throughout this course, you will develop a plan to integrate a current and emerging trend in health care in your organization. Your Executive Summary to integrate a current or emerging solution into your organization will include the following: †¢Week 1: Topic Research/Selection and Literature Review †¢Week 2: Organizational Assessment †¢Week 3: Project Plan †¢Week 4: Implementation Plan †¢Week 5: Evaluation Plan Week 1: Topic Research/Selection and Literature Review Part 1: Topic Research and Selection Begin this process by researching what health care organizations are doing or attempting to do to increase profitability. Remember, profitability can be improved from many different angles. A nonexclusive list of potential ways would be adding additional services, decreasing costs, increasing the amount of services that are provided, or implementing a quality improvement program that qualifies for incentive monies. Check trade journals or professional discussion boards, or reach out to existing health care managers. Part 2: Literature Review Perform a literature review of the solution that you have decided to apply to your organization. The review will encompass several articles, and at least 1 of the articles must be peer-reviewed. Look at current material (within the last 2 years). Remember, a literature review includes a summary of the information that you found that is relevant to your topic as well as an APA reference for each resource that you reviewed. Identifying what topic to perform research on should be accomplished quickly because you will need sufficient time to perform your literature review. Review a minimum of 10 documents. The review should be between 10–15 pages, including the bibliography. Use APA format.

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The Downfall of Macbeth :: essays research papers

Macbeth's love for Lady Macbeth, in William Shakespeare's tragedy Macbeth, caused Macbeth to feel the need to prove his manhood, which eventually lead to his downfall. Macbeth was not secure in his manhood, so he felt the need to prove himself to Lady Macbeth. After he proved he was a man by killing Duncan, and he felt he had a lot of power to do whatever he wanted. Macbeth became desensitized between all the killing and the hype of being the King. In the beginning of the play Macbeth showed his love for Lady Macbeth in many different ways. He told her his feelings toward her "My dearest love" (act I, scene v, l 58). Macbeth listens to what Lady Macbeth has to say, and takes her advice into consideration every time he makes a decision. He also has great love for her and tries his best to make her happy no matter what it takes. Then Lady Macbeth convinced Macbeth that he wasn't a man unless he went through with the murder of Duncan. She threatens his manhood by saying "When you durst do it, then you were a man;/ And to be more than what you were, you would/ Be so much more the man" (act I, scene vii, l 49-51). This made Macbeth begin to think, and slowly but surely Lady Macbeth had manipulated his mind to think the right thing to do was kill Duncan. Macbeth had decided in order to prove his manhood he must go through with this horrible act. Barta 2 After Macbeth had committed the crime he felt that his soul could never be cleansed no matter what he did. He said "They pluck out mine own eyes!/Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood/Clean from my hand? No; this my hand will rather/The Multitudinous seas incarnadine, /Making the green one red" (act II, scene iii, l 58-62). This shows that he really didn't want to kill Duncan, but he did it in order to prove himself to Lady Macbeth, and to become the king. By the end he had no fear, and had killed not only Duncan but also many other people. He now had different views from which he had in the beginning of the play. Macbeth realizes that he is no longer afraid "no, nor more fearful. (Act V, scene vii, l 9). He is now considered a man, but he doesn't like the fact that he has killed all these people.

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Competition Bikes Inc. Storyline Essay

Introduction Competition Bikes Inc. is considering an expansion to Canada and is trying to determine whether to merge with or acquire the Canadian Biking Inc. facility. We take a look in this summary at capital structure approaches, Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return and the concerns surrounding that. Competition Bikes working capital is discussed and finally an analysis on if the company should merge or acquire Canadian Biking Inc. Capital Structure Approach A1. This summary provides a report and recommendation of a capital structure that maximizes shareholder return. Capital Structure is how well a company finances its assets, operations and growth using short and long term debt, and common and preferred equities. Overall, more equity and less debt attracts investors. Equity is either common stocks, or preferred stocks. Competition Bikes Inc. is looking to expand to Canada. To expand, the company must have the most appropriate capital structure not only to be able to pay off debts, have an acceptable return on investment, and increase cash flow, but to have the appropriate funding to expand and for future stability and growth. Currently Competition Bikes has working capital, long term notes payable, common and preferred stocks, and retained earnings. We will use Earnings per Share (EPS) from the table below to make a recommendation as to what approach the company should use. This is what investors look into as well. There are five capit al structure approaches Competition Bikes can take to generate the capital required for the expansion. The table below shows the calculated EPS for each structure which is discussed after. 9% Bonds Only. Bonds are risky because they require a fixed interest payment that could negatively affect shareholder earnings if sales projections are not as anticipated. Payments are typically made semi-annually which decreases the company’s income. This is regarded as a debt, not equity which takes more time to realize benefits. This option yields the highest interest and lowers Competition Bikes Income before Tax (EBT). The plus to this option is that bonds are debt financing and therefore tax deductible. In some smaller companies this is less expensive that using equity to finance debts. Competition Bikes does not fall into this category really because it is unknown if profits will increase or dividends will be diluted in future years. Future monies earned will be used to pay off the debts and not be reinvested into the company as new earnings. Using moderate expected earnings before interest and taxes amounts (EBIT), the EPS for stockholders over 5 years with this option is .103. The lower EPS is means less common stock shares outstanding, less equity, and fewer dividends. The risk is higher in this option as highly leveraged companies tend to have difficulties with cash flow. 50% Preferred Stock and 50% Common Stock. In this option the investors fund  the expansion. Competition Bike’s equity is used rather than debts to finance growth into Canada. Investors have more of an invested interest in the company and Competition Bikes has less debt to income ratio. Preferred stockholders will earn dividend payouts on a regular basis while the Board of Directors determines if common stockholders receive dividends. Preferred stockholders also tend to hold on to their stocks longer preventing a declined value in them. There is no interest to pay back in this option therefore, all EBIT are retained. The EPS for this option over 5 years is .203, one of the highest two in this analysis. Investors will see an immediate return on investment beginning in year 9. This option yields the highest net income and preferred stock dividends. On a negative note, this option can be a lengthy process consuming time resources. 20% in 9% Bonds and 80% in Common Stock. The 20/80 option mix of bonds and common stock is a better option that 100% bonds. This option uses both debt and investors to fund the expansion and allows Competition Bikes to give less dividends if it so chooses. The debt to income ratio remains small here and interest low as only 20% is being used as debt. Over 5 years this option yields .197 EPS which is the close to the 50% preferred and common stock. There is more risk here as debts must be paid back on a strict schedule, regardless of income. However, EBT is higher and the total income available for common stock increases. 40% in 9% Bonds and 60% Common Stock. Like the previous option, this option uses both debt and investors to fund the expansion. While having 60% in common stock still keeps the company from forced dividend payouts, it’s not as safe as 20/80 option. The split in bonds and common stocks keeps interest low. Not as low as the 20/80 option, but not as high as the 60/40 option. The same holds true for available income. There is more available for common stock than 100% bonds. The EPS for this option is .182 because of the number of outstanding shares is higher than the 20/80 option. 60% in 9% Bonds and 40% in Common Stock. In this option, there is debt just as there is in the first option. The increase in interest (12%) causes less equity and fewer dividends. The income available for common stock is the low in this option. It’s also important to note that Competition Bikes had declining sales the past two years. It is unknown if they will have enough sales to meet their interest payments on time and continue business as usual. The EPS over 5 years with this option is .16, the second lowest. Recommendation. Capital structure as we can see can be tricky. It is the best balance of debt and equity to maximize returns, EPS. Excluding the 60/40 option, all the options show continued growth through the years. However, 50% common and preferred stock option yields the stronger EPS at .203 and is therefore the recommendation for Competition Bikes. The continued strength and growth in this option will maximize shareholder return, and yield addition dividends to investors with less risk. The increased EBIT will be retained in the company. The goals of this analysis were to ensure the highest EPS keeping shareholders satisfied while building strong net income in the business. The larger equity versus debt in the 50% Common Stock and 50% Preferred Stock accomplishes that. This option is recommended for Competition Bikes to improve the company’s financial position. The alternate capital structure would be the 20/80 option. Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return A2. In this summary we discuss the Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) methods in regards to the proposed investment. These areas determine if the investment is worth moving forward with the merger or acquisition without financially harming the company. The Capital Budget income statements were reviewed to make the following determinations. NPV. This method appraises investments. The calculation for NPV is the investments total net cash flows minus initial costs. If the result is positive then the investment should be accepted. Negative results should be rejected. The NPV indicates the investment’s value, or profitability. IRR. This method is more often used to make investment decisions with companies. The IRR calculation is the discount rate of interest that decreases the asset’s net present value to the cost of the investment, or  back to zero. This is the true economic return earned. The IRR should be equal to or greater than the cost of the capital, or hurdle rate, to accept the investment. Competition Bikes requires a 10% hurdle rate to pursue the investment. Lower results should reject the investment. Growth is considered in this method. The IRR is the efficiency and yield of an investment. Competition Bikes Inc. has provided the following five year projection on NPV and IRR. This is provided in both the low demand and moderate demand scenarios. Concerns for NPV – Low Demand. After investing $600,000 in this scenario, the total present value of $573,260 yield a negative $26,740 NPV. Although this does not mean the company will lost money in this scenario, it does mean they will not meet their self-set 10% hurdle rate. Growth in sales is set at 49,000 or six units yet not enough to increase to a positive NPV in five years. This is an indication the company should not move forward with the expansion as investors will most likely not want for the cost of capital to be realized. The global economy is also at a low point which give Competition an even higher risk of not making its even low demand model sales expectations. Concerns for NPV – Moderate Demand. After investing $600,000 in the moderate scenario, the total present value is $602,243 leaving a NPV of $2,243. While this is a positive number, it is not a high one so the company would have to decide if projections were more accurate in the moderate demand, or low. If Competition Bikes does not meet its projections by any margin, this NPV will move into a negative status. In addition the declined economy, Competition Bikes has been over predicting sales in recent years. If the company follows this same pattern, the numbers in this scenario could be off. Concerns for IRR – Low Demand. The rate of return for this scenario is 8.7%, 1.3% lower than Competition Bikes’ 10% threshold. This indicates the project will not be funded or profitable, steering investors away from investing. Concerns for IRR – Moderate Demand. The rate of return for this scenario is 10.1%. Although it is above Competition Bikes’ set limit for moving forward, it barely meets the minimum. With the market in a down swing, its best to look at the low demand rather than moderate at this point. Having the moderate barely meet the 10% should raise concern for the company. Investors may not want to spend money for a venture that is marginally acceptable. Not recommended. From the summaries above on the NPV and IRR, it is not recommended that Competition Bikes move into the Canadian market at this time. There is a possibility that the expansion would be a success, but the risks are too high. The 10% rate of return is not only rarely met in these scenarios, that threshold may be a little low too. Expansion into another country with additional building planned is much riskier than just an internal investment due to economic and regulatory issues. The cash flows used to create these scenarios are not exact either. Competition Bikes would need to leave itself a little more room for cash flow fluctuation. Although they will be spending more on advertising in the first year, it is unknown if it will increase sales. The expansion is something that could be reconsidered after the economy bounces back. Working Capital for Canadian Expansion A3. (1) Obtain Working Capital. Working capital is Assets minus Liabilities and can be obtained by several avenues. Competition Bikes will have to build working capital to afford the expansion. Below are some of the avenues the company can use to acquire working capital. Debt financing. One time transaction bank loans is debt financing and usually comes with a higher closing cost. Loans can also be obtained through government loans such as the Small Business Administration. These type of loans can be long or short term but general hold high interest rates. SBA loans general have terms less restrictive than those at the bank because they are services through the loan guarantor, not the lender. Avoiding using outside monies to fund a project is optimal assuming a favorable cost/ benefit ratio. Revolving Credit. Credit can be used continuously to fund multiple projects. Lines of credit tend to have lower payments than bank loans. Lines of credit can be used as working capital when appropriate. Interest is paid here and monthly payments cannot be missed or the company’s credit rating is at risk. Liquidating Assets. Companies can sell unnecessary assets such as structures or buildings, land, machinery, etc. Competition Bikes can sell its excess parts. Equity Financing. Offering preferred and common stock is a way to obtain working capital without going further into debt. Maximizing shareholder returns will raise funds for the company. Stocks will dilute ownership in the company but make the expansion possible without the threat of debt. Increase Sales. Managing already existing finances such as paying off debts, increasing sales and capacity, investing in marketing and advertising, lowering production costs and growing the business can increase working capital. Retained earnings can be reinvested as working capital as well. Lending. Working capital can be obtained from selling accounts receivable or increasing their accounts receivable collections system. Loaning more money with longer terms or reducing fixed and variable costs can also increase working capital. A3. (2) Manage Working Capital. Managing or preserving working capital is  done by budgeting, reinvestments, managing accounts payable and receivable, and inventory and asset management. There are other ways to manage or preserve working capital but these are discussed here. Budgeting. Competition Bikes can maintain its working capital by budgeting properly. Controlling costs and managing debt and assets will maintain cash flow. The balance sheets showed errors and ambiguous spending. Good record keeping is essential to know where money is going and where it’s coming from. The company can improve their debt management to know where costs can be cut. Paying debts on time will decrease interest paid and worthy record keeping can help know when the debts are due. Reinvesting. The company can reinvest working capital to preserve it. The 50% common stock and 50% preferred stock structure mentioned earlier will help the company manage working capital. This option yields the highest earnings per share building capital. Increase Accounts Receivable Interest and Discounts. Competition Bikes currently invoices at net/30 days. This should be reviewed and shortened to less than 20 days. Discounts should not be offered in excess and should be careful managed. Smart cost control maximizes cash flow. Accounts payable credit terms can be negotiated with suppliers as well. This may decrease interest and help maintain working capital. Inventory/ Asset Management. In addition to an acceptable record keeping system, inventory control can help the company in knowing what’s on hand, what’s incoming and outgoing. This can help determine what assets can be liquidated and used as working capital. A3. (3) Lease vs. Buy. Deciding whether to lease or buy is a way to manage or preserve working capital. Competition Bikes needs to know which the better option to preserve their working capital is. The assessment below discusses the options. Lease. The lease for Competition Bikes would be a 5 year lease with fixed  monthly payments. There is a $50,000 buyout option at the end of the lease and no tax deductions are offered. There is a 6% interest rate on leasing the facility. The company would not be locked into keeping the building after the 5 years. Leasing would yield a lower NPV than purchasing the facility and sustains working capital. Buy. If Competition Bikes chooses to purchase the Canadian facility, it would increase debt and still have fixed monthly payments. However, they would be able to take advantage of tax deductions. There is also a 6% interest rate in this option. Some considerations in purchasing are the depreciation of the facility, the down payment, and the maintenance upkeep. Purchasing the facility requires a $50,000 down payment which results in lower monthly payments than leasing. Recommendation. Leasing seems to make the most financial sense for Competition Bikes in this scenario. Investing the $50,000 into the company to build revenue and manage working capital is a smarter decision than spending it on a down payment. This option will produce less debt and less risk of bad credit. Given that future growth is unknown, it is better to lease for five years and determine at that time how to expand based on how the market is doing at that time. There is lower inherent risk in leasing and better chance of increased returns. The overall lease payments will be less than purchasing so the company should lease, reassess after 5 years, and look into the option to buy at that time. Merger or Acquisition A4. Competition Bikes must consider to merge with or acquire Canadian Bikes Inc. If the company does nothing, it could be faced with market competition that slides the company under. Below we look into the options, the consequences, positives and negatives of each. A final recommendation is made for Competition Bikes based on all information thus far. Merger. In a merger, the two companies would combine. Competition Bikes is a larger company with 975,000 shares of common stock versus Canadian Biking’s  200,000. Currently the earnings per share for Competition Bikes is .032 and Canadian Biking is at .121. If the companies merge, their earnings per share would increase to .053, an increase for Competition Bikes. In a merger, the acquiring company uses its own securities in exchange for the merged company’s so it will dilute shareholder equity. However, since the exchange would be 3:1 basis, this would result in 65% increase for Competition Bikes, holding as a positive for the company. Both companies have expected continued growth over the next five years becoming a stronger competitor. A Merger would mean increased technology, customer base, and pre-established business departments. The merge will also come with more employees and possible duplication of duties making layoffs inevitable. Acquisition. In an acquisition, one company (in this case Competition Bikes) will take ownership of the target company (Canadian Biking). Canadian Biking Inc. will no longer exist and stocks for Competition Bikes Inc. will continue, expecting a return on investment. Competition Bikes is offering shares at 1.43, 30% premium over their current stock of 1.10. The projected cash flow does not meet the 10% hurdle rate Competition Bikes requires for investments. With an offer price of $286,000 and present value of $212,138, that would leave a negative NPV of $73,862. This will not leave the company with a return on investment. Since Competition Bikes has had decreased sales in the past few years, acquisition is riskier than a merger. In an acquisition Competition Bikes would acquire all of the patents and copyrights from Canadian Biking. Conclusion Competition Bikes Inc. is considering a Canadian expansion and is faced with the determination whether to merge with or acquire the Canadian Biking Inc. facility. We have analyzed the source and management of working capital to help the company in the decision to merge with Canadian Biking, Inc. or to acquire the company. After consideration of the items discussed, it is recommended that Competition Bikes merge with Canadian Biking Inc. The monies required to merge with Canadian Biking Inc. should come from 50% preferred and 50% common stock. The growth of the merged company yields more  projected cash flow over five years than if Competition Bikes simply acquires Canadian Biking Inc.

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Ted Bundy A Serial Killer Essay - 895 Words

Ted Bundy Theodore Robert Cowell, known as Ted Bundy, is one of the most famous serial killers in US history. He was born on November 24, 1946, to Eleanor Louise Cowell, known as Louise. Louise was ostracized by those around her because she was single and pregnant. Louise traveled from Philadelphia to a home for unwed mothers in Burlington, Vermont, to give birth to Ted. In 1950, Louise and Ted moved to Tacoma, Washington, to stay with her uncle Jack, a man of whose education and intelligence Ted very much admired. At three years of age, Ted became especially fascinated in knives and stories of murder. He did well in school, but not with his peers. As his adolescent years came along, he became secretly obsessed with pornography, voyeurism, and sexually violent detective magazines. At this point, he liked to peer in other people’s windows and thought nothing of stealing things he wanted from other people. Ted began his adult life as a student at the University of Washington. He fell in love with a wealthy, pretty young woman from California. He found everything he wanted in her: money, class, and influence. When they broke up, he was devastated. His later victims mainly resembled his college girlfriend. Attractive with long, dark hair. In the year of 1972, Bundy graduated from the University of Washington. He was then accepted into law school in Utah, he even got a letter of recommendation from the Republican governor of Washington. Around this time is when many women inShow MoreRelatedThe Serial Killers : Ted Bundy1438 Words   |  6 PagesTed Bundy, also known as the campus killer, is one of the United States top known serial killers. This twisted man assaulted and murdered many young girls during the 1970s. Bundy captured his victims by his charismatic and handsome and would win their trust by traits he had. He would act injured or as an authority figure before he murdered and assaulted his victims. After the girls died, Bundy would visit the bodies’ hours later and do sexual things to the corpse until animals would finish the girlRead MoreSerial Killer : Ted Bundy1492 Words   |  6 Pagesa feared serial killer, Ted Bundy, disseminated terror throughout the United States. He was connected to at least thirty-six murders, although some believed he had committed more than one hundred murders. Bundy confessed to killing thirty women in seven states before his execution by electric chair on January 24, 1989. Ted Bundy appeared as a successful and an attractive gentleman, who seemed to have a lot going for him. Nevertheless, ingrained was the heart of a serial killer! Ted Bundy was a psychopath;Read MoreSerial Killers : Ted Bundy2109 Words   |  9 Pages Ted Bundy By Kim LaShomb Criminal Psychology Theodore Robert Cowell, aka â€Å"Ted Bundy† is one of the most well known serial killers in United States history. His reign of terror went on from 1974- 1978 when he was arrested and charged with numerous crimes. These crimes include first degree murder, kidnapping, rape, sodomy, unlawful sex with corpses, resisting arrest, and the list goes on from there. It was said that he had over 300 victims, but he wouldRead MoreTed Bundy : A Serial Killer2536 Words   |  11 PagesTed Bundy is one of the most famous serial killers in United States History. There are many theories behind what made him become a serial killer. Many believe he was born that way, with a darkness inside of him to which he could not control. Others believe he is a victim of circumstance and had no chance from the very beginning of life. Ted killed fourteen plus women and girls, his earliest victim thought to be when he was just fifteen years old, with only one known survivor. I believe Ted madeRead Mo reTed Bundy: Unlikely Serial Killer1415 Words   |  6 PagesTed Bundy: Unlikely Serial Killer Americans were shocked in the 1970s when authorities began reporting a string of disappearances of young women from Washington, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Florida and Oregon. The man behind these crimes was Theodore (Ted) Bundy. Many people still consider him to be one of the most notorious serial killers of all time and was once one of the FBI’s most wanted. He was officially tied to 36 murders, however he is believed to have committed more than one hundred. TheRead MoreTed Bundy : The American Serial Killer Essay2285 Words   |  10 PagesTed Bundy is known as the American serial killer, rapist, and a necrophilia (a person who has sex or is sexually attracted to the dead or a corpse) that murdered young women during the 1970s. He confessed to 30 homicides, committed in seven different states between 1974 and 1978. He has been connected to at least 36 murders, but is thought he could be responsible for about a hundred or more. Theodore Robert Bundy was born Theodore Robert Cowell born on November 24, 1946, in Burlington, VermontRead MorePersonality Analysis Of Serial Killer : Ted Bundy2153 Words   |  9 PagesPersonality Analysis of a Serial Killer: Ted Bundy Described as â€Å"THE execution† (Lyons Trei, 1989, p. Ia) serial killer and rapist Ted Bundy was put to death by the State of Florida at 7.16 A.M. January 24, 1989. During his life he had been convicted of the 1978 rape and murder of a 12 year old, Kimberly Leach in Lack City; and the death of Lisa Levy and Margaret Bowman, sorority sisters at Florida State University. Just two days before his execution Bundy also admitted to killing a number ofRead More Ted Bundy was a brutal serial killer Essay611 Words   |  3 PagesFebruary, 1989 p. 44-51. Gerdes, Louise. Serial Killers. San Diego: Greenhaven Press Inc.2000. Knappaman, Edward W. Great American Trials. Detroit: New England Publishing, Associates, Inc. 1994. Ted Bundy was a brutal serial killer. He was also very charming and handsome to the ladies, which made it easier to prey on them. He admitted to killing over twenty people just before his execution. Many families were relieved when he was finally executed. Ted Bundy thought of himself as very smart, becauseRead MoreSerial Killers, Ted Bundy And John Wayne Gacy1588 Words   |  7 PagesKEISER UNIVERSITY Killer Stories H.H. Holmes, â€Å"Ted† Bundy John Wayne Gacy Faraz Garcia 10/16/2017 â€Æ' Abstract When you tell children scary stories they shouldn’t be able to come true but unfortunately for the people victimized by the vicious killers in this paper those horror stories did come true. Traveling and staying in a â€Å"Hotel† owned by a wealthy â€Å"doctor† got them tortured, experimented on and ultimately killed, helping a seemingly helpless man put things in his vehicle lead themRead MoreSearching for Answers to a Serial Killer, Ted Bundy Essay1162 Words   |  5 Pagestake you on a journey. You will learn who â€Å"Ted Bundy† is and why he chose to live a double life. Ted was a special individual who only killed women he had a soft spot for them. Ted Bundy was like a tiger in the wild and women was his prey. When he went out he always went for vulnerable women. Ted would sweet talk them until they trusted him then he would wait until their alone and he would kill them. In the following paragraphs you will learn about Ted Bundy’s past where he came from, what type of

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Personal Statement On Clinical Psychology - 867 Words

Ashley Agunbiade Clinical Psychology Rough Draft My academic, personal, and job experiences have propelled me to pursue a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. Through joining the Minority Biomedical Research Support- Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (MBRS-RISE) program, taking psychology courses, and working as a behavioral interventionist, I have acquired work and research experience needed to pursue a graduate degree. My immediate goal is to pursue a Master’s degree in clinical psychology with emphasis on the adolescent population. My future goal is to obtain a Doctorate of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology, work in academia and eventually conduct research. I intend to improve the quality of life of individuals with mental disabilities by dispelling the stigma within this population, and promoting early identification and effective treatment. It is my desire to work with a group of like minded individuals, mentors, and faculty to achieve the common goal of improving the quality of life of the peopl e within our communities. My interest in clinical psychology developed when I discovered, through research, the disparities in health attainment within ethnic minority populations. According to the U.S. Surgeon General’s Report, African-Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans and Latinos received lower quality mental health care on average than whites. Research suggests that there are still significant barriers to mental health services today such as;Show MoreRelatedGraduate Programs Comparison1324 Words   |  6 PagesProgram Name: Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology 1 List the admission requirements for graduate studies in psychology. Universitys minimum requirements: i. All applicants are expected to submit a statement of purpose. ii. Admission is for Fall Quarter only and on a full-time basis only. iii. Applications must be complete and received by the department by the deadline to be considered. iv. Interviews (in person or by phone) are required for Behavioral Neuroscience, Clinical, Cognitive, DevelopmentalRead MoreThe Secret Language Of Clinical Psychology972 Words   |  4 PagesThe Secret Language of Clinical Psychologists. The article, Women Entering Clinical Psychology: Q-Sort Narratives of Career Attraction of Female Clinical Psychology Trainees in the UK was published on September nineteenth, 2011 by Martyn Baker and Jen Nash. This article discusses about a vast amount of women in the UK are attracted to the clinical psychology workforce. This article is on a study that tests how the women are attracted to clinical psychology through the use of five narratives of attractionRead MoreLegal Issues Associated With Clinical Psychology842 Words   |  3 Pages1. What are at least two legal issues associated with clinical psychology? What impact do these issues have on the field of clinical psychology? Psychological testing in the workplace is a legal issue that is associated with clinical psychology. The information gathered from psychological testing can be used against the candidate. Confidentiality issues are in conflict when the legal requirements of a court contradict the Ethics Code of the APA (Plante, 2005). As a result, the candidate can sueRead MoreHow The Degree Program Can Facilitate Your Academic And Professional Objectives937 Words   |  4 PagesPlease provide a statement of purpose and explain how the degree program to which you are applying will facilitate your academic and professional objectives. Acceptance into Baylor University’s Clinical Psychology Program will provide me with coveted academic and professional experiences, further equipping me with the knowledge and skills needed to attain my professional goals of working as a clinical psychologist and educator once I successfully complete Baylor’s Clinical Psychology Program. Read MoreThe Vision For My Professional Work After Graduation Essay1636 Words   |  7 Pagesrequired to have a Master of Arts as clinical psychologist (MA.) Or the Master in Social Work (MSW.) The MA. will allow me to acquire the license to practice as a counselor. It could be either the License professional counselor (LPC) or License Psychological Associate (LPA). With the MSW. I will be able to practice my profession with the License of Clinical Social Work. For the work that I want to do, there are more advance degrees such as the PhD. in Clinical Psychology or the PhD. in Social Work. I believeRead MoreA Career in Medical Psychology1223 Words   |  5 Pages Psychology is usually a really enormous subject matter. They are a lot of numerous career fields of therapy. Therapy being a scholarly analyze with the brain as well as actions goes towards Historic Greeks. There is also proof of subconscious believed within ancient Egypt. Psychology seemed to be the branch of philosophy until the 1870s, whenever the idea created just as one separate medical discipline. Psychology edges with a few other career fields as well as physiologyRead MoreThe Effects Of Abnormal Behavior On The Context Of Psychology1394 Words   |  6 Pagesabnormal psychology: â€Å"Abnormal psychology includes such characteristics as statistical infrequently, violation of [societal] norms, personal distress, disability or dysfunction, and unexpectedness† (Davidson and Neale, 2). In my view, the definition of abnormal behaviour in the context of psychology has three parts. First, there must be an observable manifestation of abnormality. You must be able to observe the â€Å"disturbance in an individual cognition, emotion regulation, or behaviour (A clinical definitionRead MoreA Research Study On Forensic Psychology871 Words   |  4 PagesThrough the submission of my statement I am willing to share my personal abilities, declare my academic competence and provide motives and causes which led me to pursue a Postgraduate degree in the field of Forensic Psychology. Obtaining a PsyD in Forensic Psychology will not only provide me with more specific knowledge and research opportunities at the graduate level, but it will serve as a foundation for a career in Psychology. The reason which led me to apply for a DForPsy degree in NottinghamRead MoreStudying Human Behavior : How It Impacts Decision Making, And Vice Versa987 Words   |  4 Pagesproblems from a policy standpoint, with the goal of creating large-scale solutions. However, during the course of my studies, two experiences shifted my focus away from human emotions, behavior and problems in the political and policy arena toward clinical psychology. In one of my social policy practice courses, I contributed to creating a peer-education program to combat sexual assault. My classmates and I applied this program to campus sorority, engaging in an hour-long dialogue with them. As I listenedRead MoreHistory of Psychological Assessment Paper1129 Words   |  5 PagesAssessment Paper Natalie Maxwell University of Phoenix Dr. Alex Nagurney October 25, 2010 History of Psychological Assessment What is psychological assessment? Psychological assessment is considered one of the most important functions in applied psychology. In psychological assessment, the practitioner uses observation, interviews, and psychological tests to gain information about the client’s personality characteristics, symptoms, and problems in order to arrive at practical decisions about their